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may creature ki-neko-animura by Rainbow-Amethyst
may creature ki-neko-animura
For :iconki-neko-animura:
I'm sorry this is like nothing you asked for. It seemed like you wanted a natural realistic
cheetah and got way way too into it. I started off wanted to do an African culture based cheetah since they are found in Africa. there are a lot  of tribes in africa and I didn't know where to start. I instead switched to India where they do have a rare type of cheetah and based the design of their culture. 

Sorry it took so long. I went through a lot this month and had to deal with medication switches that left me sick

1 - What parts of your prompt were written well and easy to understand? Was there anything the writer of the prompt could improve on or include next time they create a prompt?

The prompt was easy to understand and was very specific, how ever, it was a little too specific for my tastes. It seemed like they had a design already in mind and i just couldn't give them their perfect image. i also tend to be an artist that gives lots of artistic freedom in these type of events so I do have my own opinion. 

2 - Please explain how you interpreted the prompt to create your design. Which features did you use? Did you stick to the chosen palette or make changes to it? Does the design you created have any special abilities or quirks?

ok i'm going to try to do this as quickly as possible because there is A LOT. I based the design off of the goddess Durga who has been depicted as riding a feline mount. It would normally be a lion or a tiger but a cheetah is the cousin to the tiger or lion in my opinion so I thought I was onto something. Durga is known for wearing red which symbolizes bravery, charitably, and the ability to destroy evil. I started going along the line of a sort of savor type character, who will fight for justice as Durga is the goddess known for good triumphing over evil. Red is also used in weddings so i put some marriage traditions in there.
The head dress she wears is one used for marriages. In the depictions of both wedding and Durga i saw a lot of pictures of the nose piercing connected to the ear by a chain. The fire under her paws represent the seven steps the wedding couple take towards the fire in their ceremony, where they stop after each step to say a vow or promise.
The lotus of her tail represents certainty but not absolute (like the future) and the lightning for her breathe means firmness which are symbols taken from Durga. I read that Durga was known for her three eyes with each eye meaning moon (desire), sun (action), and fire (knowledge). The symbol on her back is the symbol of Hinduism and would be where the rider would sit when she choices one.
last but not least her colors:
Red I already explained
Saffron is the color of her Hindu symbol and is the most sacred color, used by the wearer to symbolize the quest for light.
Yellow is the color of knowledge and learning. It symbolizes peaces, happiness, and meditation. Her one eye is green which represents life and happiness. It is a festive color.
I tried to stray from white because it could be a mourning color.

My story for her was more of a noble one. she wonders the shines and temples of Durga untill she meets a rider who she believes is pure and will fight the noble battle for good. She is loyal but only to her morals. She will abandon a rider who may be seen as corrupt or no longer fighting for good. Her abilities would involve the fire from her paws and lightning from her breathe.
sorry if it doesn't make sense. I'm kinda loopy. but reading up on Hinduism was interesting

character (c) :iconki-neko-animura:
art (c) :iconrainbow-amethyst: (me)
heart beat *reupload* by Rainbow-Amethyst
heart beat *reupload*
blah blah blah
i suck at being active
i wont ever have a patron because i'm not active
no one cares
i have no friends
never going to marry
love isn't me
blah blah blah

art (c)  me :iconrainbow-amethyst:
I have a sketched out design for a character that I've based on a cat that was really close to me. This was a cat that I had worked with about  3 weeks and just fell in love with. She had the best purr (it was really loud and it really made up for her quiet meow). I would pick her up and hold her and pet her for like an hour a day and she was my favotive cat there.  When ever I would walk in to start cleaning the cages, she would start purring loudly and it just made me so happy.
Sadly we were worried that because of how often she purred and because she would always do it when she saw one of us, that she might be sick and trying to tell us. We took her to a vet and it turned out to be really bad.
She was suffering from kidney failure, had tumors in her eyes and more. Our shelter is no kill but this case, she was put down because of her age and how much she was suffering. 
I really miss her and I don't think I'll forget her.
I want to make a wallpaper for my phone for her.
I'll send all the pictures I have of her and the design for the character that I based her on to anyone willing to let me commission them. 
I have about 200 points but i'm willing to do paypal too.


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United States
This is my main account
My secondary account art for other people is :iconemporess-jing:

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