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CE March 2015 for DI-AlecHardy by Rainbow-Amethyst
CE March 2015 for DI-AlecHardy
From :iconcreature-exchange:
For :icondi-alechardy:

1 - What parts of your prompt were written well and easy to understand? Was there anything the writer of the prompt could improve on or include next time they create a prompt?

The only issue I had was the filler (hmmm... uhhh...). It would just be best to avoid putting filler like that. It's easier to read what the information that is being asked if there was less umms. It was kind of distracting for me but that's also because I was afraid of missing important details by skipping over them.

2 - Please explain how you interpreted the prompt to create your design. Which features did you use? Did you stick to the chosen palette or make changes to it? Does the design you created have any special abilities or quirks?

while the design may not exactly be angelic, I went for a more innocent physique. since there was a request for a simple design, I shyed away from the feathery angel and more to a slim and innocent. I could have probably done better by dropping away from a realistic perspective (i was at work and was looking at cats all during the sketching process) and gone way more cartoony like how AlecHardy's would be more familiar with. I tried to put more detail in the clothes then in the design itself so that AlecHardy could choose how complex the character would be more suited for. The splotches are not in a set pattern so there's no need to worry about getting the pattern exactly right.

The ribbons tied around her neck trail stars when she moves so if shes running, there will be stars forming a path behind her, similar to Rainbowdash's rainbow. All my characters can be either Feral or Anthro so she doesn't haven't have to be strictly anthro. I was going to give her a small pair of wings but I think it'd look cuter in Feral form.

I did have a slight issue with the pallete. The colors were really suited for a bold and energetic animal like a tropically bird and I didn't feel like it would suit her because I was aiming for a shy and reserved personality. I went for a more gray scale palette and used the original colors listed for the accessories so that they would pop. There is suppose to be glitter in her eye shadow.

I didn't really think of any kirks for this character but the only ability would really be the star trail from her tail and bow ribbon. 

I hope this design isn't to busy, you may simplify it as you see fit.
Anastasia by Rainbow-Amethyst
So I think It was about time for me to make an updated reference for Anastasia. I forgot that I added a bit to her design. I got a hair cut a few months ago and have changed Anastasia's hair to be as short as mine (though hers is much longer).
The purple stripe on her left thigh is actually really important in her design. There is ONE Purple stripe on her LEFT leg. (watch i'm gonna mess up on it haha)
Opposites attract by Rainbow-Amethyst
Opposites attract
It's funny how different my love and me are different. He tends to be much more into competitive games like smash bros and battling in Pokemon, while I'm totally content just playing puzzle games and trying to perfect my Pokedex. He asks me almost every day to battle him or something. 
is that Absol? by Rainbow-Amethyst
is that Absol?
yay so i found out i can use sumo on my laptop (which is a chromebook) so now i can use my laptop to draw almost anywhere! (just not my love's house)
I don't like using the tablet by maybe using a more simpler style might help make it easier :0
I have been obsessing over pokemon recently *giggles* I complete Omega Ruby not to love ago and Absol has been my baby since I've seen it (I honestly originally thought it was a legendary. 10 years old k.)
ok so I seriously need something to help me get drawing again
I hardly have motivation to do much and emotionally, i'm kinda numb, so I'm never in the mood to do anything. like period.
I been obsessive with the elder scroll games since like 6th grade and I stopped playing today after like 2 hours cause I just couldn't get into it

but If people wanted to send me some links to some of there precious characters, I'd try to draw them
even suggesting putting them in a silly situation would be nice
you can even suggest silly things for my character

here's some samples and stuff of how i draw now…… 

yes Anastasia and Felicity are my baby's so you can probably get a lot of silly cute things out of them
Anastasia has a hard life as a kid, so Felicity drags here off to get to silly things all the time, like going to parties and carnivals since she's never really done things like that
my babysss

sadly i can only draw animals so no humans please unless there has an alternate animal form


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This is my main account
My secondary account art for other people is :iconemporess-jing:

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